Arte contemporanea in Sabina


20eventi is a shining example that proves that there is more to contemporary art than a handful of investors in just a few of the world’s great cities.

20eventi is the manifestation of the hope that art can and does flourish even in small towns and amongst people who don’t normally visit museums and art galleries.

20eventi, that celebrates its fourth anniversary in 2009, is all about inviting young artists from prestigious academies to come to the Sabina, a rural district not far from Rome, where, under the guidance of top-calibre artists-teachers, they have the opportunity to immerse themselves in village life and culture and work side-by-side with young Italians to
create installations and works of art in situ.

The first event in 2006 featured the pupils of Giuseppe Penone from the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, the second spotlighted  the students of Karin Sander from the Weissensee Academy in Berlin  whilst in 2008 it was the turn of Richard Wentworth and pupils from the Ruskin School of Oxford University.

In 2009, the Sabina is looking forward to welcoming students from four different academies – two  of which are Belgian,  whilst Italy will be represented by the “Belle Arti” from Rome and the Brera from Milan.

The two short-term goals of  20eventi are to provide young artists with an opportunity to experience new surroundings and a different way of life and local communities  to encounter contemporary art on their doorstep.

Long-term however, the plan for the coming years is to establish  an Art Route through the Sabina and an open-air museum that will stimulate local interest in Art and the creative process, which is also the purpose behind the great  efforts already being made in the
district’s schools, starting at nursery and elementary school levels.

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